What is common verbiage and/or titles I should know as I navigate the Tch platform?

Learn the common terminology of Teaching Channel Plus.

  • Videos - This is our video library page.
  • Topics - This is our blog page.
  • Help - This is our help and how to page.
  • Team - This is our course page (create and clone courses).
  • Homepage - Main page you will always land on when you log in.  It shows recent videos/teams visited.  See what appears on the left sidebar of your homepage below...
    • My Resources - Page where any videos you save will be housed.
    • My Notes - Any time-stamped notes you create will be housed here.
    • Announcements - Any district wide messages will be posted here.
    • My Messages - Any private emails/messages will be housed here.  You can also message colleagues here.
    • My Courses - Access to bundle courses and/or badges.
    • My Account - Place where you can update your profile settings (ex. name, email preferences, email domain, profile picture, etc.).
    • My Teams - Page that showcases any teams you've been added to and/or teams you are a facilitator for.


**The following verbiage is used only for District Admin or Team Creators.

    • District Admin - Place where a site admin can add/delete users.  This also houses the Admin Dashboard which gives admins data reports on Teams.
    • Facilitator Dashboard - Place where facilitators can get a once shot glimpse into their team activities.