Can I collaborate with colleagues on my Fast Track course?

What are the rules and expectations on collaboration for the Fast Tracks courses?

Can I collaborate with colleagues? 

Due to the unique design of the course, collaboration is not available for students enrolled in a Fast Track course or courses with only one Module 3 assignment submission.                                                         

What’s your academic integrity policy?

The following outline denotes our expectations for academic integrity:

Read and Respond:   

  • Responses must be written in the words of the course participant  


  • Resources/Investigation must be completed by the course participant  
  • Two or more teachers may use the same article, but the summaries must be individually crafted. 


  • Reflection must be written in the words of the course participant  
  • Reflection should be from one’s professional perspective   


In cases where educators wish to collaborate on an Application and submit the same work, the following guidelines must be met:  

  • Prior to creating the collaborative assignment, complete the Collaboration Request Form
  • Choose up to two Application assignments within a course for collaboration 
  • Collaborate with a maximum of four other people 

Each collaborator must include the following with their coursework submission:

  • Permission granting email  
  • Names of collaborators