Can I collaborate with my colleagues on my online continuing education (CE) course?

Learn about the collaboration and plagiarism policies for your continuing education courses.

Collaboration and Plagiarism Policy
As an institution committed to professional development, we expect each course participant will complete coursework with integrity. Teaching Channel, along with our regionally-accredited university partners, are bound by graduate level coursework standards.

By indicating agreement with our Collaboration and Plagiarism Policy, you pledge to uphold the expectations described below.

Plagiarism is presenting another person’s work as your own. The following
examples are considered plagiarism:

● Using text from another source, including a website, without citation*
● Submitting the same work for multiple courses (“self-plagiarism”)
● Two or more students submitting the same coursework without approval to

*We recognize that your coursework will reference the course textbook, readings, and media, therefore it is not necessary to cite the resources included in the course.

Collaboration Expectations:
We encourage collaboration with colleagues to increase learning. Please follow the guidelines below for each assignment type when submitting coursework.

Assignment Collaboration Guidelines
Read/Review and Respond Responses must be written in the words of the individual course participant.
Resource Review Two or more teachers may use the same article, but responses must be written in the words of the individual course participant.
Reflection Reflection must be written in the words of the course participant from their professional perspective.

Educators may collaborate on Applications and submit the same work, following these guidelines:

  1. Prior to creating the collaborative assignment, complete the Collaboration Request Form
  2. Choose up to two Application assignments within a course for collaboration
  3. Collaborate with a maximum of four other people

Each collaborator must include the following with their coursework submission:

  1. Permission granting email
  2. Names of collaborators

Failure to uphold the Collaboration & Plagiarism policy may result in loss of credit and an inability to register for future courses. Please contact our office if you have any questions about this policy.

Note: Collaboration is not available for students enrolled in Fast Track or
Hybrid/Blended Learning (synchronous/asynchronous) courses.

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