How can I get an extension on my coursework?

Use your one-week grace period or take advantage of a one-time re-registration opportunity (excludes Fast Track).

We adhere to the university session and grading timelines, so coursework needs to be completed in the session in which you are registered.

For every session (excluding Fast Track sessions), there is a one-week grace period at the end of the session. You do not need to do anything to use this extra time. Just continue to work.

Tip: The online learning platform may say that your work is late. But you can ignore this. There is no penalty for using the extra time. Your evaluator will know that you are using the grace period based on the date of your submission.

Still need more time?
You can re-register for your online course* with our one-time re-registration option

Beyond the grace period, you may certainly choose to re-register for your online course* with our one-time re-registration option if you have not previously re-registered for your course(s). This option requires a reduced re-registration fee of $150.00 per course, and can be done right in your account! 

*Fast Track courses have limited re-registration options, please contact us for specific details.

Re-Registration Basics

  • $50 per credit ($150 for a 3-credit course)
  • Students may only re-register in a course one time. 
  • Re-registration must be processed within ONE year from the original registration date.
  • Upon re-registration, you will be placed into the new session of your course and complete the course with any revisions and/or updates that may have occurred since original enrollment.
  • As you will be working in the current version of the course, you will need to be sure your work follows the syllabus for the session you are enrolled in. Please be sure you have saved any submitted coursework in another location as it will not transfer with your registration in the online platform.

Follow the instructions below to Re-Register from your Account:

  1. First, click on the “Login” button at the top of our website,
  2. Select “Course & Account Access”
  3. Login with your email and password.
  4. Once you have logged in, click on the account tab (Welcome, [name]) at the top of the screen again to view the “My Teaching Channel Courses” option. Click, then scroll down to view your list of your courses. Locate the course in which you would like to re-register.
  5. If your course has dropped, click on the “View Options” dropdown menu and select Re-Register. If you are still currently registered, click the "Get Started" dropdown menu and select Re-Register.
  6. Follow the prompts to initiate re-registration and determine eligibility. 
  7. Re-Register your course and process payment.