How is my coursework graded?

We rolled out a new grading rubric on October 16, 2018.

We want to help you understand it right away!

I used to be able to choose an “A” (if I completed a final assignment) or a “B.” Why can’t I do that anymore?

You can still earn an A, or a B! We worked closely with our academic partners to develop a rubric that follows best practices and clearly defines coursework expectations. Requirements to earn an A, or a B, are clearly defined on the rubric in each course syllabus. We encourage you to self-evaluate your completed module prior to submission to ensure your work meets the criteria for your desired grade.

If I am working for an “A” but am given a “B” in a Module, can I redo that work?

Your coursework will only be returned if your work falls below the target expectations (for a B). However, you can still earn an A for the course, even if one of your modules is graded a B. As always, refer to the rubric in your course syllabus.

Let’s say I earned an A, but I really wanted a B. Oh wait! That never happens! So let’s say, I earned a B, but really wanted an A, can I appeal my grade?

In order to earn an A, requirements for an A as defined on the course rubric must be met. As you complete your work, be sure to reference the course rubric to ensure you are meeting the requirements for an A. Keep in mind, if you earn a B for one or two of your modules, it is still possible for you to earn an A, since your final grade is an average of all 3 modules.

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