Preapproval of Courses

Districts will occasionally require your course to be preapproved. Here is how we can help!

We understand that gaining pre-approval is oftentimes your first step toward registration. To assist, we've detailed some of our most common requests in regard to the pre-approval process.

1. What is my start date?
You'll have access to your course(s) within just a few hours of registration. Thus, whatever your intended registration date is - this will also be the official start date of your course.
We offer over 130 graduate-level continuing ed courses in a variety of formats. Self-paced, online, or blended learning courses can all be found within our course catalog. Courses are typically 3 credits requiring approximately 45 hours for completion.

2. What is my end date?
As you proceed through registration, you'll select the term that works best for you. We offer courses year-round in our spring, summer, and fall sessions. The following session end-dates apply to each:
Spring - April 15th
Summer - August 15th
Fall - November 15th

3. Who will be issuing my transcript?
We partner with several accredited colleges and universities. Each college or university partner reviews and approves courses and will be the provider of an official transcript. You select your University Partner at registration. Upon completion of your course(s), we'll forward your final grade(s) to your selected University Partner, and upon your request, they'll provide your official transcript.

4. How will the course(s) be coded on my transcript?
Each University Partner has its own unique coding system. Thus, the course codes listed on our website may differ slightly on your official transcript.
If your district is seeking an exact course code, we're happy to provide you the code as it will appear on your transcript. We simply need your selected University Partner and selected course(s). We'll quickly do a little behind-the-scenes research, and send the official code(s) back your way.