What are best practices for a successful Fast Track coursework submission?

If you've registered for a Fast Track course, you are likely ready to get your grade. Here are a few recommendations to help you successfully complete your work.

We want to ensure a smooth–and speedy–experience as you complete and submit your Module 3 Fast Track coursework. Please follow the guidance below to facilitate successful submission and evaluator review of your coursework.

  1. Review assignment instructions and be sure to  include all requirements.  
    • Clearly label responses (e.g. Application Requirement: Option 2)
    • Review the module rubric on the submission page
  2. Verify you’ve met all assignment length requirements.
    • 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1” margins
    • 1-paragraph = 5 or more sentences
  3. Ensure all Google links are accessible (including embedded links)

4.  Make it a PDF! Upload your coursework in an easily accessible format. 
5.  Follow resubmission directions provided by your evaluator, if requested.
  • If you accidentally submit before your entire module is complete, you may add to your work before a grade is given by clicking the Resubmit button
  • Once a grade has been issued, coursework will not be re-evaluated.
  • If resubmission is requested by your evaluator, review detailed comments on the Grades page 
  • When you have revised your work, use the Resubmit button and re-upload file(s)
  • Resubmission re-starts the 48-hour evaluation timeline