What are the grading standards and expectations for my Fast Track course?

Learn about how Fast Track is graded, what is expected of you as a student and more.

What are the grading standards and expectations?

Once you’ve opened the course syllabus from your “My Account” page, you will find an outline of the course material and a rubric to guide your written responses. 

The syllabus is an outline of the course requirements and is subject to change. Your coursework should be completed and submitted in the online environment where you will have full access to a variety of media, links, and other online tools required to satisfactorily complete this course. 

For this course, you will complete a 10-question Progress Check assessment at the end of Modules 1 and 2. These Progress Checks will not be included in your final course grade, however, a score of 70% or higher is considered passing and passing scores are required for course completion. You will have multiple retake opportunities.

In Module 3, you'll complete a written Application and Reflection assignment, using your notes and reflections from Modules 1 and 2.

Your evaluator will review your work using the criteria outlined on the rubric. If your work does not meet expectations, it will be returned to you with feedback to guide your revision. If your work meets expectations, your evaluator will issue a grade of 85% (B) for the module. If your work exceeds expectations, your evaluator will issue a grade of 100% (A) for the module.