What is Fast Track?

A quicker way to get your grade and transcript!

Read all about the details of Fast Track now.

Fast Track courses:

  • 3 graduate credits | 45 hours of work | $525
  • Learning resources are found entirely online – no need to wait for a textbook
  • Courses consist of 2 modules of reading and journaling activities with multiple-choice progress checks and 1 module of written submission
  • Expedited 2-day evaluation and expedited transcript process

Registration for Fast Track courses are only available during select dates and due dates differ from regular session dates:*

  • Spring Fast Track Session: January 2 – May 15 (Coursework due May 30)
  • Summer Fast Track Session: May 16 – August 15 (Coursework due August 30)
  • Fall Fast Track Session: August 16 – November 25 (Coursework due December 9)